Biblical Proportions

I’ve joined a tremendous group of bloggers who have connected to blog for victims of Hurricane Katrina. It’s not something I would normally do, but I am so moved by the magnitude of need.

All of us can see what’s happening. Unfortunately, the most news worthy stories are also those showing what I described Wednesday as the diabolical. I truly believe that when we are able to take a retrospective look at this disaster (and disaster seems almost too mild of a description), we will see that the divine will prevail.

It is devastating to watch how some people react in a state of lawlessness. It is shocking to see how society can quickly disintegrate without the normal infrastructure we usually take for granted. It is horrific to look in the face of evil. Yet, we must remember that our society has continued to, or is trying to, take God out of every aspect of our lives.

Thankfully, there are many more stories of normal folks acting heroically to help their neighbors. There are major efforts being made by corporations and organizations. Many humanitarian groups are there now – we just can’t see them. Strangers, friends, family, and even cities and towns are opening their homes and hearts to assist these refugees. These are part of the good that will prevail in the next weeks and months.


I wrote the above words yesterday, intending to post them here. Instead, all I saw, heard, and read overwhelmed me. One person was quoted as saying, “This is a disaster of Biblical proportions.” Since hearing those words, I’ve come to realize that is true and that recovering will encompass the same.

If we look at the situation, we can see only hopelessness. As riveting as the images are that tumble across our screens, we must take our eyes off the circumstances and put them on God.

Pray. Only a recovery of Biblical proportions can solve so much pain, suffering, hunger, homelessness, and grief.

I’ve heard that there have been many requests for Bibles. I ask each of you to pray and then look to how we can put God’s truth in the hands of these who’ve lost everything. We can give them new hope.

But make no mistake – God is in control. He can still transform lives.

Blessings and prayers to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.



    On 5:51 AM Cami said...

    The media fits into the category, can't live with them, can't live without them; they report the worst, both with Iraq, and with Katrina. All the emphasis seems to be on what CNN reporters call "the poor and black." This is New Orleans, and I realize it's a disaster, but as you said, there has been a wide area hit, and there are good things being affected, too--we just can't expect to hear them from the major news networks. I believe God is working in people's lives in this region. I remember John Fischer and his wife, Marti, being chaperones at a Christian music camp I attended as a young person; and someone sent me a devotion by him yesterday--I didn't know where he was now, but take a look:

    God bless your efforts, Francine

    On 5:55 AM Cami said...

    This link has more:

    On 3:20 AM Francine said...


    I agree with you wholeheartedly. The media is that "thorn in our side." They provide news but what I've seen lately is a very emotional involvement in the stories. True, this is something they've never experienced and I know as a journalist, I couldn't cover the stories without my emotions showing. But it's too easy for the rest of us to get "caught up" along with them. And while they are beginning to show some of those good stories, there is the relentless desire to place blame. But, as I note in the entry for Sept 5, it's not a perfect world.

    You are right about New Orleans ... much of the city is poor and black. I think that trend is repeated in hundreds of larger cities. Many times, it's the larger cities that now offer the cheapest living but, conversely, social services are more abundant. It's a larger problem. Thanks for the link as well.

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