Who Do You Say I AM

Do you call me Serendipity?
Or maybe Providence.Maybe you think of Me as Lady Luck.
You may not recognize Me or accept Me by My given name but that doesn’t change things.

I AM ...
the blues and pinks of sunrise
the purple mountains majesty
the fire in the sky of a sunset

I AM ...
the sweet smell of rain on the desert floor
the soft, sifting snow of a winter morning
the sparkling of a billion stars for you to gaze upon
the bright moon guiding your way through the darkness
the white purity of a perfect flower

I AM ...
the song of birds singing at the beginning of each new day
the scurry of a rabbit’s dash in the noonday sun
the lonely coyote’s call as night crawls across the prairie

I AM ...
the fury of the howling wind
the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide
the growling thunder in the storm clouds churning above
the white stabs of lightening coming from the heavens
the whispers in a cool breeze

I AM ...
the miraculous creation of tiny toes, fingers, and a heart beating
the breath of the newborn’s first cry
the trusting eyes of an infant
the inquisitiveness of a child
the curiosity of a teenager
the perseverance of an adult
the hope of a grandmother

I AM ...
Alpha and Omega
Beginning and End
I AM King of King and Lord of Lords

Just because you don’t believe in Me doesn’t mean I don’t exist.

I AM God
I believe in you. I created you. And I love you.
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