Who is in control?

One of the hallmarks of a true believer is that we give up control of our lives and trust in God’s control.

Lots of folks say they believe that, but how many live their lives in the total confidence that this is true?

If we were to honestly believe God has control of our lives, knows exactly what’s going on, and has guidance for each of us (if we choose to seek it), then it would seem there would be a lot more joyful believers.

Think about those things that cause stress in your life. Are you satisfied with who you are, how you look, how smart you are, the talents you possess, or any number of characteristics that describe your life or lifestyle?

If you aren’t, chances are you are probably feeling a little stress. Think about the millions of dollars spent on self-help books. While we all can, and should, try to be the best, we have to recognize that none of us has complete control over those things.

Many of us want to have control over our families, our jobs, and our situations. Certainly, we can influence others, work to improve our careers, and try to change our circumstances. But, at the end of the day when we look into the mirror, can we honestly say that we do have that kind of power?

If we acknowledge that the Creator of the universe has control of our lives yet continuously strive to orchestrate things ourselves, then we are, in essence, trying to be God.

There was one in the Bible who wanted to be like God. He was, in fact, the Creator’s most beautiful creation – Lucifer. Most know what happened to him.

Giving up control isn’t easy. It means surrendering every part of ourselves to God. What does that kind of surrender look like? It starts with obedience regardless of whether we understand God’s plans or not. It means living without knowing the who, what, when, where, why, and how of our lives. But then again, can anyone know those things for certain?

There are times when surrendering full control means doing things that don’t make sense. However, the real question is, makes sense to whom? The world? That is no barometer as to what does and doesn’t make sense.

Knowing and believing that nothing happens in this world without God’s knowledge can give us an unshakeable comfort in relinquishing control to the Creator of the universe.

Blessings, Francine


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    It's good to see you writing here again, Francine.

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