The Battlefield of Your Mind

Consider this: every action begins with a thought. While that may seem a simple statement, it really should be a warning to us about how we think and what we think about.

It’s easy to tell folks to think good thoughts as I did in the last posting here. Sounds like a line from a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

First, we need to understand that when God created us, He gave us freedom of choice. He does not force us to do anything. Too often, people like to use the excuse that someone made them do something. That’s simply not true. I may choose to do something in order to avoid the consequences. Personally, I prefer to avoid physical pain. I know that if I touch something hot, I’ll get burned – so you won’t find me holding my hand too close to a fire’s flame.

I am amazed to hear former prisoners of war talk about the military code of conduct and how they clung to those beliefs even though it meant pain and sometimes death.

However, the consequences of most actions aren’t so black and white. There are many gray areas in our lives.

Most believe that if you commit a crime, you’ll be caught and punished. The reality is that while our justice system is a good one, we all know that many who are caught aren’t punished. Further still, many are never even captured. After all, how many criminals do you think committed crimes with the idea they would actually be caught and punished? They believed they could get away with it. Their actions began with a thought.

It’s really the same with our thinking. And that is Satan’s best kept secret. His battlefield is our minds. If he can worm his way into our thinking, then he can distract us from the Truth. He can also rob us of our peace.

I know this is true because of how my mind wandered as I was seeking to know God’s will for what I was to write. Instead, my mind overflowed with other thoughts and worries.

Maybe God is using me because I’m such a good example of how imperfect and human we all are. Personally, I don’t mind if he does, because I want to convey the reality of being a believer. It’s one thing to admit you aren’t perfect. It’s another to lay out your imperfections for others to see. Yet, if just one person reads something here and is encouraged or discovers the life-changing experience of God’s forgiveness, then I’m content.

Once I realized how Satan was trying to sidetrack my thoughts, I immediately prayed. Paul tells us in the last half of 2 Corinthians 10, verse 5, that we are to stand against Satan's deception by taking every thought captive in obedience to Christ.

For me, that meant taking my focus off myself and placing it on Jesus. It also meant understanding my thoughts weren’t where Christ would want them to be and using God’s truth against Satan’s lies. In other words, we don’t have to live with the lies Satan whispers in our ears or places in our minds. We can change how we think and, in doing so, change our beliefs and our behaviors. But, we can’t do it alone.

I believe the best defense is a good offense. Next time, I’ll share how God has a place from which to begin.

One more thing – please know that I am praying for you. No, I don’t know your name but God does, and He has brought you here for a reason. My prayer is that you will find the freedom in the truth of God’s word.

Blessings, Francine

Note: If you’re a new visitor here, welcome. You might want to check out the entry for July 18 – it will give you an idea about the basis for my beliefs.


    On 6:55 AM Cami said...

    Regeneration changes what we think about, which changes what we do. Your openness in sharing is pleasing to your Father, and that "one person" is more important to Him than you or I can know.

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