Traffic Patterns

When you’ve lived in a semi-small town for as long as I have, you know the quickest routes, the easy short cuts, and which streets to avoid at certain times of the day. In other words, you know the traffic patterns by heart. And, when you leave for work as early as I do -- 5 a.m. each morning -- you also have few distractions and almost no traffic hassels.

In my town, many of the stop lights are “tripped” when a car approaches them during slow traffic times. I’ve learned that while having this convenience that changes the light almost automatically, I can count on having to come to a dead stop before the light actually turns green. Slightly annoying for an A-type personality like myself.

But today I learned something while following behind another car. As I was traveling up one of the main arteries through town, there was another vehicle ahead of me. We both pretty much stayed within the speed limit but there was enough distance between us that the other vehicle “tripped” the sensor to change the light before I even had to put on my brakes. I can honestly say it was one of the nicer drives to work. And it got me to thinking.

While, we as Christians, strive to follow our leader, I wonder how many times He’s cleared the way ahead of us to give us a smooth ride. Certainly most of us may recognize it when we are manuevering through difficult times or battling some of those mental traffic patterns that have a tendency to clog our thoughts and sometimes bring our peace to a screeching halt.

I have to think that there are more times than we realize when our Creator trips the sensor to allow us to peacefully steer clear of obstacles or other stumbling blocks without us even realizing it.

Maybe we should recognize that some of our unencumbered paths aren’t because of what we do but because Jesus has cleared the way before us, altering our spiritual and personal traffic patterns, and has steered us into more spacious places.

He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. Psalm 18:19, NIV

Blessings, Francine


    On 7:56 AM Cami said...

    Now THIS is using the gray matter God gives, with a thankful heart - and I totally concur! How often do we give thought to how much God spares us in our daily lives? I know I do; many choices I've felt led to make, I think, "What is God sparing me from?" I know I may never know on this side of things, but we'll have even more reasons to praise, I believe, on the Other Side! God bless you, Francine!

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