Living Water

“… but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life,” John 4:14, NAS

Living in the desert gives a new perspective on the importance of water. Even in the high desert of southeastern Arizona, water is precious. As towns grow into cities, this necessity drives just about every aspect of development. This is particularly important as the region is in the middle of a drought.

The abundance of ground water can turn a backyard or park into a mini-oasis. Nonetheless, as the drought continues, the lack of rain takes its toll. Certainly proper cultivation and fertilization helps green up the grass, trees, and flowers.

However, there’s something about rain that truly brings the desert to life. It’s as if grass grows by the hour and flowers pop open overnight providing a Technicolor landscape. Hues and brilliance provide a beautiful contrast while the dusty brown terrain so normal here disappears. All of nature instinctively draws closer to the natural drenching of the desert.

It’s the same way for us. Without the living water of Christ, we can wither and turn into dusty Christians, parched and empty – a drought unto ourselves. Try as we might to water ourselves by artificial means, we never reach the full beauty our Creator intended. Imitation only brings temporary joy, if even that.

Many are familiar with Jesus’ words to the Samaritan woman in this verse. The Life Application explains that while Christ did not come to take away the challenges we face in the circumstances of life, He can change us on the inside so that we can live life from God’s perspective.

Without the living water Jesus talks about, we will continue to thirst and continue to seek, filled only with short-lived satisfaction and long-term disappointment.

Consider how things look after a refreshing rain – vibrant and alive. The same transformation can take place in each of us if we seek and drink the living water of Christ.

Blessings, Francine


    On 12:03 PM Cami said...

    Oh, Francine, how true. And even the smell of the rain is spectacular. Rain nourishes and revives, as you say, like nothing else. How we continually need the rain of His Spirit. May our hearts be rain barrels!

    On 5:13 PM Carol said...

    Hi, Francine,your words, so, true, we have had very little rain here either and our water supply in some areas is dangerously low....and each day as I water my garden, with all its spring flowers growing,just from a small amount of water into something of beauty..I stop, I think, I look around me and give thanks..
    Up until recently, I had not given water too much thought, however I personally know now how it feels to be rained on by His Spirit..and welcome it every day...


    On 10:17 PM Francine said...

    Hey "C" ladies, thank you for your comments. You both inspire me with your own words that God has given you. Thank you.

    On 3:59 AM Keith said...

    Jesus continues to make water into wine.
    Rain a life giver. Interesting thought exchange rain for reign.

    On 10:36 PM David said...


    On 8:49 AM David said...

    Hi - My son Oren is much better, thank you, they found the particular parasite that found him during his Thailand trip, and now they are hitting it with antimatter ( i think)
    Bless you for asking

    On 8:46 AM David said...

    i came here thirsting. Pray that I get the sort of refreshment you spoke of.

    On 2:55 PM Debbie C. said...

    Your thoughts reminded me of when I am really thirsty and just start drinking as fast as I can. I want to be "washed" in His word daily so that I don't run to him parched from not resting in the presence of His living water.

    On 3:59 PM Carol said...

    Hey, Francine,
    just popped into say hi..and to send you many blessings for the Christmas season and to thankyou for all your prayers and blessings for me and my family..

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