Dear Readers:

For those who are returning guests and to those of you new to my blog, you will note an absence of posts between Aug 3 and November 29. There were 20 posts on the Beatitudes, part of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:3-8. I’ve removed these posts and they can now be found in my column on Crossmap ( I invite you to visit Crossmap – it’s filled with a variety of columns, information, and news of particular interest to Christians.

I began posting a new series of inspirational commentaries on my blog this month. They focus on what it means to abide in Christ and will continue with encouraging inspirational messages on how to have a closer relationship with our Creator.

As always, please feel free to contact me at with thoughts or questions.

Here’s information from the Crossmap website about their columns:

“Crossmap Columns was launched in June 2004 to showcase uplifting and encouraging columns from Christian writers.”

“Crossmap posts columns with the young to mature Christian in mind. Although we will have some articles written about the very basics of faith, and several about more mature ideas such as Christian philosophy, the majority of columns focus strictly on how to be better Christians. For young and growing Christians, these columns should be invaluable – they are insights into the daily lives of Christians who have already walked the path of the Lord for years, and in some cases, decades. Columns are written by husbands and wives teaching how to be more loving and considerate, by fathers and mothers explaining how to best raise children, and by pastors whose writings are extensions of the sermons they have lived preaching.”

Blessings, Francine


    On 5:18 AM Cami said...

    I visited Crossmap and your column there -- it is wonderful! God is so good!

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